Wonderland Theme Park


The largest of the amusement parks in the UAE is Wonderland Park, an oasis of fun designed for kids of all ages. Wonderland Park includes both the Wonderland Theme Park and Splashland, a water park spanning 22 acres.

Wonderland Park is everything you might expect in an amusement park (and maybe more) including:

Family Entertainment Centre: A huge indoor air-conditioned centre with over 100 rides, arcade games, video games and a whole lot more. There’s also a place for mum and dad to sit and relax whilst enjoying a tasty meal from Mithu’s Nest café which is situated inside the centre.


5 y/o and Above 125 AED
2 to 4 y/o 60 AED

5 y/o and Above 150 AED
2 to 4 y/o 75 AED


Last Update: November 20, 2016