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Do I need any special insurance?

No! most of our In House activities do not require any special insurance, Our fleet and passengers are insured. However 3rd party insurance policies may vary, at times you will need to sign an indemnity form before embarking on a particular adventure or activity.

However every adventure trip has an element of risk and hazard although all necessary precautions may have been taken by both parties – passenger and service provider.

Do I need to carry my passport?

No! you do not need to carry your passport if the activity is in UAE, however for Helicpoter or Sea plane tours an ID or passport would be
required, Guest’s planning to go to Hatta Mountains , Musandam Penninsula Lunch Cruise – whether it is Khasab or Dibba areas need to carry their passport as these places are situated in the Sultanate of Oman.

What is an adventure tour?

Adventure basically means – An Unusual and exciting or daring experience.
Adventure cannot be defined as one particular activity, what is adventurous to some may be normal to others. Here in Dubai there are a lot of activities – like the adrenalin pumping Desert Safari, Hatta Mountain Safari, Sky, Diving, Parasailing, Jet Skiing, Ferrari World Roller coaster, Jumeirah Sceirah (Wild Wadi), Leap of Faith (Aquaventure – Atlantis The Palm) and many more like these.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 2007, our team of travel and tour experts have a minimum experience of 5 years up to 20 years in the tourism field in the UAE.

Do you Charter Boats?

Yes ! We do Charter Yachts for leisure and fishing and also Traditional Dhow Vessels for private and corporate dinners.

What should I bring?

On most tours you wouldn’t need to carry any eatables or water, as most tours and safaris we provide mineral water. However you can check at the time of booking. Remember to bring your camera or smart phone to capture the beautiful places you will see.

Do I sign a waiver?

Yes! Certain service providers require you to sign a waiver or an indemnity form.

How do I redeem coupon?

You can redeem a coupon by simply making a booking on 04 386 83 83 (9 Am – 6 Pm) on week days and (10 Am – 4 Pm) on Fridays, After office hours you may call mobiles: 050 8703 999 / 055 9779 289 / 055 585 0330. Please inform the reservationist that you hold special coupons or vouchers to avail the applicable discounts.

When is full payment due?

In Normal cases payments can be made either before the trip or even after the trip has been completed, Depending on the service you have chosen payments may need to be made well in advance.

Is a deposit required?

Normally when it is large groups of over 15 passengers, yes ! we would require a part payment or a deposit to confirm the trip.

Last Update: November 20, 2016