Dubai City Tour


Experience all the sides to one of the world’s most modern cities entrenched in rich Middle Eastern history.

We begin our tour with a photo stop at Burj Al Arab, renowned for being the top rated hotel in the world with its stellar authentic design. Drive through the Palm Jumeirah a modern marvel.

Our route takes us first to the magnificent Jumeirah Mosque – a testament to the beauty of modern Islamic architecture.

We then drive through the ever buzzing with life Sheikh Zayed road known for its towering skyscrapers followed by a stopover at Burj Khalifa-the record setting tallest man made structure in the world; on the way we will pass by the royal palaces of Dubai’s ruling family.
Our next destination will be the oldest part of the city, Bastakia where ancient old wind-towered houses of wealthy merchants can still be seen.

Close by we visit the enthralling Dubai Museum in the Al Fahidi Fort, which stood there for almost two centuries defending the old settlers against their enemies, we continue our journey through the textile market and aboard an Abra – local water taxis, carrying us across the Creek to the lively area of spice and gold souks.

As the final destination of this tour hour excursion, we will walk through the bustling alleys of these souks, immersed in the mystical aromas of numerous spices and the breath taking amount of dazzling jewelry varying from traditional to latest international designs at an amazingly affordable range of prices.

Last Update: November 20, 2016