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Learn More About Miles Tourism & Travel Dubai

Miles Tourism & Travels, is a Destinations Management Company with more than one decade of experience and expertise in the field of Hospitality & Tourism, we fully licensed in the Philippines and Headquartered in Dubai, with offices in India,  and cover all Asian Country, with our tourism- experienced staff we are able to maintain high standards for the benefit of our customers, with a mission of creating a favorable business atmosphere, attention to detail, competitive pricing and a hospitality service designed to build sustainable customer loyalty. Most of our partner agents, B2B, and B2C clients are from different parts of the world like GCC, CIS Country, Russia, European Country, and Sub-Continent Countries.

We are a young company, but no way young in terms of the cumulative experience we have on board, to help you plan that perfect holiday getaway and ensure Seamless execution. With more than a Handful of Loyal Clientele already, and encompassing all the components of the holiday eco-system, Miles Tourism & Travels proudly entitles itself as the provider of Premium and Flawless Leisure Holiday and MICE Fulfilment Company.

Our Strength Lies in the Smile that we possess at every time while serving you and how we easily pass on the pleasantness to you with our services. At Miles Tourism & Travels we believe that with every Traveller a Part of us is Travelling, hence the exclusivity of the service is maintained throughout every Holiday your plan with us. We at Miles Tourism & Travels continuously experiment for the right Holiday compound and execute it with perfection; hence, we urge you to just let us know your travel needs. We shall Pick up the Right Elements and equate it into the Right Compound to get you the best Travel Experience.

Our outbound tours are described as the best getaways to relax, explore different cultures and lifestyles and to spend quality time. Our destination is carefully chosen and organized in a way that makes your or your client’s holiday seamlessly smooth yet entertaining. The accumulated experience of the staff combined with the knowledge and know-how of Miles Tourism & Travels DMC Core team ensures that the holiday experience around the globe is an unforgettable experience for all the right reasons

Our professional, dedicated, and a team passionate about the role they play, supported by a wise and active management, is a guarantee for success and permanent growth along with partnerships and strategic alliances, joining forces to achieve even higher targets and making a difference around the world.